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Master the 4 Personality Types to Help Grow Your Network Marketing Team

The Four (4) Personality Types

If you are a network marketer, one of the most important things that you can learn are the 4 personality types and how to identify and work with them. So many people begin network marketing or direct sales  businesses, but don’t understand that you must learn to work with all different types of people. 

4 Personality Types

People are driven by different things and what motivates you, may not motivate the people on your team or potential business partners. So many network marketers do not understand the (4) personality types and as a result, their businesses suffer. 

Why knowing the personality types is important

I remember learning about the 4 personality types early in my network marketing career. Once I learned how to identify the personality types and how to then work with them, it made life a whole lot easier.

As a result of learning this information, I’m now able to quickly identify someone’s personality type which makes prospecting, closing and working with my team so much easier.

If you learn the characteristics of the personality types and learn to ask the right questions, you’ll be able to pretty accurately determine someone’s personality type in under one (1) minute!

The skill of identifying someone’s personality type is so valuable that I make it a point of teaching my leadership team this information very early on in their network marketing careers. Knowing this information helps network marketers with their prospecting and recruiting efforts as well as working with their team members.

Ladies, I want you to be successful so this post is designed to help you learn this information so that you can put it to immediate use. I’m sure that if you’re like most of the people that I’ve taught this to, it will have a major impact on your business.

Once you learn it, teach it to your team members so they can benefit from the information as well. Let’s get started…

What are the 4 Personality Types?

I like to use an example that is very easy to understand and explain so I’ll describe the personality types in the form of ocean animals. Yes, you heard that right…ocean animals!

I know you may have been expecting some textbook psychology example, but I like to keep things simple. Here’s and overview of the personality types including their “sea animal names” and personality characteristics:


These are take charge, no nonsense kind of people. They are natural born leaders who know how to get things done. They like nice things and are the people that wear expensive clothes, shoes and jewelry and often drive expensive cars. Of all the personality types, they are extremely money motivated.

If something needs to be done, they’ll get it accomplished. They are take charge kind of people. They’re not interested in all of the intricate details of most situations, but rather just the bottom line so they can get to work or make decisions. They are sometimes mistaken as abrasive, impatient and uncaring because they are “get to the point” kind of people.

From a professional standpoint, they tend to be in positions of leadership (Managers, CEO’s,  Entrepreneurs) and other high paying careers. You’ll find that a lot of people that have sales jobs (pharmaceutical sales, stockbrokers, etc.) are sharks because of the high income potential.

When prospecting a shark, you have to let them know that there is a lot of money to be made in network marketing if you want to get their attention.

When sharks watch the opportunity presentation, they’ll be very interested in the compensation plan, company car allowances, bonuses and other compensation elements. They’ll want to hear about and meet the top earners because if they join your company, that’s where they see themselves.

For those sharks in network marketing, they are often the presenters at opportunity meetings because their success, charisma and leadership strengths move people to action.

Sharks are the often the ones that host the conference calls and webinars, because they are strong leaders and know how to set the tone for what needs to be done. Many of your top earners and top producers (usually synonymous terms) have shark personalities.

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Of all the personality types, dolphins are the fun lovers and they know how to have a great time. They are the life of the party and know how to make people laugh and feel good.

They like to wear bright colors and bold accessories and they wear them well. They are loud, love to laugh and have fun. Dolphins have big, bubbly personalities. Being on time is not a top priority for them because they enjoy life and that is more important to them than adhering to a clock. 

From a professional standpoint, they tend to have fun and flexible jobs such as event planners, travel agents, concierges, dance instructors, DJ’s, and other positions where they can interact with people.

You’ll also find dolphins in jobs that require creativity. They prefer careers that provide flexible schedules. It’s more important for them to be in fun positions than jobs that pay a lot of money, but have rigid schedules.

When prospecting a dolphin, you have to let them know about the fun aspects of network marketing. Talk about the incentive trips, traveling to the national convention, recognition for rank advancement, company parties, etc., if you want to get their attention.

When listening to a network marketing presentation, they’ll be very interested in the company trips that you can win, the fun that you have at the company convention, etc. They won’t be as interested in the industry statistics and other minute details.

For those dolphins in network marketing, they are often the greeters at opportunity meetings because their vibrant personalities make people feel good. They also are great at giving testimonials during presentations because they convey excitement really well.

As far as working their network marketing businesses, they are usually great at prospecting and recruiting because they’ve never met a stranger. They’ll talk to anyone so therefore, they never run out of prospects.


They are facts and figures people. Urchins like to make sure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.  They don’t just double check things, they triple check. They are detail oriented and logical people and are researchers by nature. Urchins are very logical and things must make sense to them before they move forward. When it comes to timeliness, they’re not just on-time, they’re normally early.

As far as attire, they usually wear black, white, grey and navy blue. Urchins aren’t overly social when it comes to other people. They are more likely to sit back and observe. Because they are not overly social, urchins are sometimes mistaken as “stand-offish.” Of all the personality types, they are the least flexible and are often deemed to be too rigid.

From a professional standpoint, they tend to be in positions that require attention to details such as accountants, attorneys, engineers, actuaries, etc. Oftentimes, they are in jobs or careers where they can work alone.

When prospecting an urchin, you have to let them know that the company is solid, the industry is growing and that your company’s products contain high quality ingredients, etc., if you want to get their attention.

When attending a network marketing presentation, urchins will be extremely interested in the facts (i.e., how long the company has been in business, what kind of growth rate the company has experienced, the ingredients of the product, etc.).

Urchins will request the compensation plan and other written materials on the company to review before making a decision as to whether they will join. Even after getting the documentation you provide, don’t be surprised if they go home and conduct their own independent research of your company.

It will take them a long time to make a decision because they will take ample time to do their due diligence on the company and opportunity. Do not rush them or they may become suspicious or feel like they are being pressured.

Because they are researchers by nature, they can sometimes fall victim to the “paralysis of analysis” when it comes to starting and then working their businesses.

For those urchins in network marketing, they make great timekeepers at opportunity meetings because they are so time conscious. Urchins are also very good at putting together the company and industry documentation for the display table.

One of the challenges that urchins in network marketing face, is each time a new product is introduced or a compensation change occurs, they have to take time to thoroughly research everything before they can move forward.

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They’re the people that put other people’s needs ahead of their own. They absolutely love helping other people! They often wear tan, khaki and other very neutral colors and wear very simple, understated jewelry and accessories.

Of all the personality types, they are “go with the flow” people. Whatever most people in the group want to do is what they will do. In the opportunity presentation, they are interested in how the company is helping other people (i.e. the company’s training program, charitable contributions, etc.) 

Whales are very caring people and when introduced to others, it becomes apparent that they are genuinely interested in helping people. On the other hand, they are sometimes mistaken as someone that lacks leadership skills. Many times people with stronger personalities cause whales to back down quite easily. 

From a professional standpoint, whales tend to work in positions where they help others such as doctors, nurses, caregivers, counselors, teachers, etc.

When prospecting a whale, you have to let them know that your company helps people. Focus on sharing things such as, the products can help people lose weight, save money, etc.

Let them know that we help people earn additional income so parents can spend more time with their kids, pay off debt, etc. If your company has any type of charitable effort in place, tell them about it if you want to get their attention.

When attending a network marketing presentation, whales will be extremely interested in and listening for the details on how the company, products and opportunity helps people.

For those whales in network marketing, at the opportunity meeting or in home presentations they are great in “support” roles like setting up the room, assisting and directing guests, setting up the guest sign in tables, etc.

As far as working their network marketing business, they love to help their teams. If anyone is struggling with something, they are quick to jump in lend a hand.

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About the personality types:

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong personality type; you are who you are. Each person has a dominant personality type and with practice you can learn to identify it rather quickly.

It’s reasonable to assume that in a room full of people 25% will be sharks, 25% will be dolphins, 25% will be urchins and 25% will be whales. Because of this, you must learn how to interact with all of the personality types if you want to be successful in network marketing.

If you attempt to prospect, recruit, present and close prospects using your personality types’ dominant language, you run the risk of not connecting with 75% of the people you meet.

How mastering the personality types will help your network marketing business:

Once you learn how to quickly identify someone’s dominant personality, it makes the recruiting process much easier. The sad part is that a lot of network marketers don’t know about the personality types or how to identify them. As a result, they struggle to recruit new people and they struggle to connect with their existing team members.

Additionally, mastering the personality types will assist you in promoting events. Once you determine someone’s personality type, you can tailor your promoting efforts to be  in tune with what works best for your prospect.

You must learn to speak the language of all of the personality types. For example, if you are a shark and you are talking to a dolphin, you must learn to speak their language (i.e talk about FUN not your language of “money”) or you’ll have a hard time recruiting them. 

Another example, if you are a whale talking to an urchin, you must talk about “facts and figures” and focus less of your conversation on your language (helping people).

How to identify the personality types:

The easiest way to identify someone’s personality type is to:

  1. Observe them
  2. Ask the right questions (preferably open ended) and most importantly,
  3. Listen to people’s answers to those questions.

Observe them:

  • What are they wearing? (Bright colors or taupe, beige?, Expensive jewelry?)
  • What kind of car do they drive? (Expensive or practical)
  • Are they outgoing and the life of the party or quiet and reserved?
  • Do they prefer to sit alone and read or love being surrounded by people?

Here are some questions you can ask to help identify someone’s personality type:

  • What type of work do you do?
  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • If money was no object, what would you do with it?
  • If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go and who would you take with you?

Listen to them:

  • Do they talk about helping people?
  • Do they talk about making money or what they want to buy next?
  • Do they talk about traveling or attending parties, concerts and other events?
  • Do they ask a lot of detail oriented questions?

Mastering the personality types will help you in your recruiting and team building efforts, so take the time to learn this information and then teach it to your team. Practice determining personality types based upon the information above. Use your family and close friends to test your new skill.

There’s a test that you can take that will help you determine your personality type. You might think you know your personality type and then after taking the test, be surprised to find out it’s different that what you originally thought.

 To your success,

Rhonda M. Jordan

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