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8 Components of an Effective Network Marketing Presentation

The Importance of an Effective Network Marketing Presentation

If you want to become a top earning direct sales or network marketing professional, being able to do an effective network marketing presentation is a necessity. I remember being told very early in my network marketing career, that when you stand up (meaning begin to do the network marketing presentation), your check goes up.

Well, it didn’t take me long to figure out that being able to do the business presentation was going to be a requirement for my success and it’s a requirement for your success as well. Also, when I decided to become a presenter I didn’t want to just do a presentation, I wanted to learn to do an effective network marketing presentation.

Network Marketing Presentation - 8 components that successful presentations must include

I’ve studied some of the best network marketing presenters in the profession and have been fortunate enough to have had some of them mentor me. As a result, I’ve mastered network marketing presentations. In this post I’ll be sharing with you what I have learned so you too can conduct an effective network marketing presentation.

What makes a network marketing presentation effective?

The network marketing presentation must provide a brief overview of the company, products/services, compensation plan as well as the people involved and their stories. If all of these elements are properly addressed, people will have enough information to make a decision as to whether they want to join the business or become a customer.

Now notice, I didn’t say you had to be a super-polished speaker that never make mistakes. What’s most important is that you are able to effectively communicate the core message in a clear and concise manner.

Remember, presenting is a skill and skills can be learned and mastered. Follow my formula below, practice a lot and in time, you’ll become a great presenter.

Conducting an Effective Network Marketing Presentation

First, let me preface this by saying this post isn’t about getting over your fear of public speaking: I’ll cover that in another post. Instead, this training covers the steps to include in your network marketing presentation. Ok, let’s get into the training.

Regardless of the company that you are affiliated with, you’ll want to include the following eight (8) components in your presentation in order for it to be effective. Leave any of these steps out and you will drastically reduce your ability to close the prospects that are watching your presentation.

Here are the steps:

1. Introduction

The introduction is designed to edify or provide information about the speaker to the prospects. During the introduction, the speaker’s accomplishments should be highlighted. Include information about their professional background and success that they have had in your network marketing company.

Additionally, make sure that you incorporate information that will appeal to the four (4) personality types in the introduction. You’ll want to make reference to the fact that the speaker is knowledgeable, enjoys helping people, loves to have fun and is making money (or is positioned to make money) via the company compensation plan.

Finally, make sure to request that attendees’ cell phones are set to silent or turned off so as not to disturb the presentation.

A copy of the script that I use for introducing speakers is available in my FREE resource library. Click here to get a copy.

The introduction should take no more than 2-3 minutes.

 2. Your Story

Once you have been properly introduced, you must relate to your audience. As part of an effective network marketing presentation, one of the first things you should do is tell your story. The purpose of telling your story is to relate to the guests and get them to see that you are an average person just like them that had a desire to improve the quality of your life.

Include challenges that you have faced (i.e. lack of time, money or both) because you want to show the guests that you were looking for something to improve your situation. Also, sharing your challenges makes you more relatable to the guests and gets them to say “me too.”

In your story, tell how the opportunity was presented to you, that it made sense to you, you got started and took action. Continue by telling them what happened as a result of starting your business and taking action (i.e., you are having success with your company, earn additional income, earned a car, etc). Tell your story in a concise format taking 5 minutes or less.

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3. Company & Industry

The goal of this part of the presentation is for people to understand that the company is solid and stable. Discuss the reported earnings and any accolades that the company has received. Cite publications, news stories and other third party sources that highlight your company’s success.

If your company has been featured in any magazines, make sure to have copies available for people to review after the presentation. An effective network marketing presentation will assure people that you are representing a solid company with a tremendous success record.

When discussing the industry, focus on size and expected growth. For example, if you represent a health and wellness company you can mention the rise in obesity, increasing health care costs and cite health statistics.

If you market energy, cable, Internet or other similar services, discuss the rate at which these industries are growing, the fact that everyone uses the services and that these bills can’t be paid off.

Spend about 5 minutes on this portion of the presentation.

4. Products or Services

This portion of the network marketing presentation focuses on the specific products or services that your company markets. Mention the highlights of your products. Don’t get too technical during your explanation of the products. Focus less on the features of your products/service and more on the benefits.

Hold off on doing product samplings and demonstrations and until after the presentation concludes to keep everyone focused on the presentation. This portion of the presentation should take about 5-10 minutes.

5. Compensation Plan

During this portion of the network marketing presentation explain the highlights of the compensation plan, not the every little detail. If you attempt to discuss minute details, you will confuse many of the people in your audience.

Keep things high level. Focus on presenting a general idea of the many ways they can earn income. Discuss concepts such as residual income, creating leverage by incorporating the efforts of other people. Mention any quick start bonuses, weekly, monthly and annual bonuses, car allowances, etc. that your company offers.

An effective network marketing presentation will have those individuals that are money motivated sitting on the edge of their seats, if the information is presented properly. Spend a little more time on the compensation plan because for many people, the reason they decided to attend was to learn how to earn extra income. Plan to spend approximately 10-12 minutes on the compensation plan.

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6. Testimonials

One of the most important parts of the network marketing presentation are the testimonials. I highly recommend that you incorporate testimonials into your presentation. I insert them right after you explain the compensation plan.

People that like what they’ve heard so far will be excited and the testimonials will take then to an even higher level of excitement.

Testimonials are critical to the presentation’s success because they answer the question that many attendees will be thinking which is…”Sounds good, but is anyone really having success?”, “Can I really make money?”, “Is this something I can do?”

What you’ll find is that often it’s not the presenter’s story, but someone else’s story that moves prospects to action. I suggest that you incorporate both product and business building success testimonials.

Testimonials by people that have been in business 60 days or less and have had success, are extremely effective. People attending the network marketing presentation really take note of testimonials done by people that are fairly new.

Let me be clear, testimonials should be done by representatives that have had success with the company. Don’t have someone give a testimonial simply because they are a member of your team. You need success stories!

Testimonials should be short (2-3 minutes). Have reps include in their testimonial, their background prior to starting with the company and success that they’ve had since partnering with the company.

Testimonials are very important because “stories sell” and the attendees can relate to the stories. FYI, attendees are more likely to remember the testimonials than any other part of the presentation. Plan to spend approximately 5-7 minutes on testimonials.

7. Training

This part of the network marketing presentation is designed to let people know that even if they’ve never done anything like this before, they can have success by using the training system. Tell people that there is a proven training system.

Explain to guests how they will receive their training (one on one, conference call, online, local, regional and national meetings) as well as how often training is available. Tell the attendees who conducts the training and a little about their qualifications and success in the company.

People need to know that they will not have to figure things out on their own in their new business venture. Also, let them know that they can be successful if they plug into the training system. Spend about 2-3 minutes on this portion of the presentation.

8. Close

The close is designed to invite people to join your company. It’s a call to action to ask the guests to make a decision about whether they want to partner with you and your company. An effective network marketing presentation will have a close that “paints a visual picture” for the guests of what their life could look like after a few years of building a successful business with your company.

I personally don’t use a hard close, but I do believe in pointing out to people realities of life. I mention that there is no such thing as job security. I touch on why it’s smart to have multiple streams of income.

I mention that the likelihood of retiring from a job wealthy, is very slim. I mention that most people don’t have enough saved for retirement or their kids’ college education.

I discuss the fact that many people don’t have much leisure time and state that by building a business, they can get their time back. I use the close as an invitation to “join us” in business and become part of a debt-reduction and cash accumulation movement.

I like to leave people in dream mode and considering the possibilities of a life with both time and money not being an issue.

The close should take about 5-10 minutes.

Other things to remember:

Evaluate the effectiveness of your network marketing presentation based upon the number of people that decide to join your team or become a customer.

Keep in mind, most people won’t join your team immediately following the first network marketing presentation that they watch. Most people will need to see the presentation 2-3 times before deciding to join as a representative.

The complete network marketing presentation should last about 30-45 minutes if you are doing a group presentation and less time if you are doing a one on one or two on one meeting. If the presentation is an hour or longer, attendees will begin to associate pain with the presentation. Here’s something to remember:

“The mind can only absorb, what the rear can endure”

Incorporate the steps above into your presentations and you’ll have lots of people joining you in business.

Once you have finished the network marketing presentation, invite people to sample the products (if you have products). Also, I like to invite people to review the company/product display table and see your company website on a laptop or tablet that you have setup.

Most importantly, invite the attendees to get their questions answered by the speaker and other experienced representatives that are in attendance.

Keep your network marketing presentation compliant with FTC guidelines:

Here are a few important things for presenters to know:

  • Do not EVER “stretch the truth”  in a network marketing presentation
  • Don’t ever imply that people earn income simply by recruiting people
  • Don’t quote income figures
  • Don’t show checks
  • Don’t log into your back office and show your earnings

All of the things above can get you and your company into trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Quite frankly, there’s no need to exaggerate, stretch the truth or otherwise entice people into joining your team.

As you can see, an effective network marketing presentation is strategically designed to provide information in a logical, easy to understand format and then invite the guests to partner with you. In network marketing, we have a great thing going and those who are ready to make a change in their lives will see what we have to offer. Here’s my advice to you…

Just be your authentic, sincere & honest self and people will join your team.

To your success,

Rhonda M. Jordan

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