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Network Marketing Success

Want To Be A Network Marketing Success?

During my 20 year network marketing career, I have been asked this question numerous times “What are the keys to network marketing success?”  Well, I’ve given this a good amount of thought over the years and have come up with ten things that will help you succeed in the network marketing profession.

Network Marketing Success

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The Keys to Becoming a Network Marketing Success:

1)  You Need a Mentor

Find a network marketing professional that is willing to mentor you. By having a mentor, you’ll be able to learn the system that they used in order to become successful. Having a mentor will shorten your network marketing success learning curve if you are willing to follow their advice.

You should also be aware that a mentor’s job is not to be your friend. Their job is to develop you therefore, they are going to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.  Be prepared to accept constructive criticism.

2)  Commit to Personal Development

This point is so critical! Network marketing success happens when you work hard on yourself.  I love what Jim Rohn says “When you work hard on your job, you make a living. When you work hard on yourself, you make a fortune!”

In order to make money in this profession, you must grow. You must learn how to deal with people. You have to learn how to paint vision and close people using vision.  Reading books (check out my list of recommended books), listening to audiobooks, attending industry and company training, reviewing your notes, etc. will help you develop some of the necessary skills.

3)  Master Customer Acquisition

The mark of a legitimate network marketing company is real customers, not just representatives buying products or services. As a result, you must learn to how to successfully acquire customers and plan to do so regularly. This is one of the key components that will determine your network marketing success.

Next, teach your team the same proven customer acquisition strategy. Once you have loyal customers that buy products regularly, you’ll develop a solid residual income. As more and more customers are acquired by you and your team, your residual income will continue to grow each month.

4)  Master Prospecting

What is prospecting? Prospecting is simply identifying a list of potential customers or business partners. Your goal should be to add people to your prospect list every single day. How? By meeting new people via social media or in person.

To become a top earner, you must learn to build a large prospect list and add to it often. This is where a lot of network marketers fail. Why? Because they run out of people to talk to about their business and products.

Here’s the thing, there are people everywhere, so it’s not that network marketers run out of people to talk to. What really happens is, they don’t know how to start conversations with people they don’t know. Once you learn to start conversations with people you don’t know, you will always be able to add to your prospect list.

Remember this, network marketing success will happen when you become a great conversation starter. If you can master starting conversations, you’ll never run out of people to talk to about your business.

5)  Master Recruiting

Recruiting involves asking people if they are interested in learning about your business. If they say yes, you then take them through a systematic process that exposes them to your business opportunity.

You should learn and use a proven recruiting system. Understand this, recruiting is a process not a single event. Commit this to memory. What I mean by this is you don’t ask someone if they are interested, show them a video and they immediately join your team. The recruiting process usually takes place over several days, weeks or even months.

Why? People are busy. A family emergency comes up. They lose their job. They become ill. You may not be catching them at a time when they are interested. They may have a big project at work. These are many of the reasons that can stretch out the recruiting process.

Your recruiting process should incorporate the use of “tools.” Those tools might include short business overview videos, pre-recorded phone calls, business presentations done by someone else, three-way calls with an “expert.”

Use tools so the people that you recruit understand they don’t have to be able to explain the business. You also want them to see that they don’t have to have a lot of time to build the business. They can simply use tools to do the work of explaining the business.

Part of your network marketing success will depend on your ability to recruit people into your business.

6) Collect and Tell Stories

Have you ever hear the phrase “Facts tell but stories sell?” In network marketing that is very true. If you can learn other people’s stories and share them with your prospects, you’ll be amazed at the outcome.

People relate to stories. Prospects will often remember the stories you tell more so than the presentation itself. One of the most important things you can do is learn people’s success stories and share them with prospects.

Tell the stories of a single mom that is having success, a millennial, a retired person, a doctor an attorney, a corporate executive, a stay at home mom, etc.

If your prospects hear a story that they can relate to, you’ll be more likely to capture their attention and possibly recruit them. They’ll feel like they have something in common with the person in the story you told. Once that happens, they are more likely to feel like “if that person can have success, I can too.”

People that experience network marketing success and that become top earners are very good at telling stories. Here’s a book that will help you develop your story telling skill set.

7)  Sort for leaders

Most people that begin network marketing businesses don’t realize the importance of sorting for leaders. Instead they attempt to work with their whole team in the same way. In many cases those new to network marketing mistakenly call everyone on their team a leader.

Here’s a word of advice: Don’t use the term leader loosely! You can’t assign the title of “leader” just because you like someone or want them to be a network marketing success story.  Instead, you have to watch their actions to determine if they are exhibiting leadership qualities. Consider the following when evaluating potential leaders.  Are they:

  • Coachable
  • Plugging into team conference calls and attending company sponsored training
  • Doing presentations
  • Learning about the profession of network marketing
  • Committed to personal development

These are just a few things to look for. As people join your team, watch for signs that they have leadership qualities and work closely with them. Remember, if you want to be a network marketing success, you must become proficient in identifying and sorting for leaders.

MLM success

Network Marketing Success is Possible If You Put in the Work!

8) Duplicate Yourself

This simply means once you have identified your leaders, take the time to develop them. Teach them how to:

  • Acquire customers
  • Prospect
  • Recruit
  • Do an effective presentation
  • Use the most effective closing strategies
  • Train new representatives
  • Work with their teams to maximize production

If you take the time to develop leaders, you will create duplication throughout your team. Once duplication occurs, you and your team members will begin to experience network marketing success..

9)  Spend time with the right people

Do not allow whiners, moaners or complainers to monopolize your time. Remember you are always sorting for leaders. Work where your time is deserved, not needed if you want to experience network marketing success.

Network marketing professionals sort people into two groups; leaders and the masses. Spend time developing leaders, not counseling the masses. Most network marketing professionals will tell you that the biggest mistake they made early in their careers was spending too much time with the wrong people!

10)  Individual and Team Recognition

There is a saying about recognition that goes “Babies cry for it and grown men will die for it.” When people on your team meet their goals, achieve a benchmark or rank advance, recognize their efforts. I cannot stress the importance of recognition enough!

Don’t ever miss an opportunity to recognize your team for their accomplishments. Make this a regular part of your weekly team call or social media posts. Your team will be waiting to hear their name called or see the social media post with their “name in lights.”  You get bonus points if you add some fanfare and recognize them in a public format!

Recognizing someone’s accomplishments doesn’t have to be expensive. Announcing their names on a conference call or presenting them with a certificate is just fine. It’s the public acknowledgement of the achievement that makes people feel good.

Remember this, your team will work to achieve the things that will get them recognition. Since you now know this, make sure to give recognition for things that create production (i.e. customers, volume, recruiting, rank advancing, etc.)

In summary,

Network marketing success…

Is very possible if you are willing to do the things that successful network marketers do consistently.


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