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Network Marketing Tips for Newbies

Network Marketing Tips for Newbies

Ready to learn some network marketing tips? Well, if you are new to network marketing let me first start by congratulating you on your decision to become a network marketing professional.

Many people that join a network marketing company often jump in without knowing much about the profession and virtually nothing about what it takes to be successful.

Network Marketing Tips for Newbies

I have 20 years of experience as a network marketing professional and I’ve reached one of the highest positions in my company, earned trips and a luxury car by using the network marketing tips I’m going to share with you. These building strategies work like a charm, so pay close attention.

Learn about the profession

It is critical that you learn about the network marketing profession. Most people that get started in network marketing never take the time to learn about our profession. They simply jump in without any knowledge and hope for the best. It’s OK to jump in and start working, but take some time to gain some knowledge about network marketing.

Find out who the top earners are and learn from them. Duplicate what they do. Learn how long it takes the average person to become profitable, replace their income and get to the top of their companies.

Find a mentor

It’s important to find a mentor. Your learning curve will be shortened if you have someone that can guide your progress and teach you what does and doesn’t work. Your mentor should be someone that has done what you want to do and is willing to coach you.

When you find a mentor, be coachable. If you aren’t willing to follow the advice of you mentor, don’t waste their time. Do what they tell you they did to be successful. Your mentor’s network marketing tips can drastically shorten the length of time it takes for you to become successful… if you follow their advice.

Master the Things That You Need to Do to succeed

In network marketing, we are “masters of the mundane.”  We do a few things over and over again and that’s what makes us successful.  Those three (3) things include: getting customers, getting partners and teaching your team member how to do the first two things.

We do those three things over and over and over, day in and day out. Doing those three (3) things consistently is what you do to earn a top position. Most people that are new to the network marketing profession are surprised to find out that there is power in repetition.

Doing a few simple actions over a consistent period of time nets big results. If you want to be a network marketing success, master getting customers, getting new partners and teaching others to do the same.

Commit to the system

It’s important to understand that what makes network marketing work so well is the concept of duplication. Duplication happens when there is a system in place allows people to get predictable results. It’s kind of like if you do A, then B, C will happen.

Your company or upline should have a systematic process to help you acquire customers and recruit new business partners. The system should be simple to follow, easy to learn and proven to work.

The most successful network marketers understand the importance of learning, using and teaching others the prospecting, recruiting and customer acquisition system that your company uses. Learn the system, commit to using it and then teach it to your team members.

Be consistent and persistent

When I look at the actions of most new network marketers I often see that they are not consistent with their actions nor are they persistent.  They will do the things it takes to succeed for a week and then take a week off. Start again for a week and take two weeks off.  That is not a recipe for success; that’s a recipe for failure in network marketing.

Additionally, many new network marketers are not persistent.  They haven’t yet developed the mindset that you must keep going, keep asking people to be your customer, keep recruiting, etc. One of the dominant traits of successful network marketing professionals is they have developed the mentality that Og Mandino describes which is “I will persist until I succeed.”

Don’t Change Companies Every 6 months

Of all the network marketing tips, this is one that you need to hear and internalize. Partner with a solid company and leader that is willing to coach and mentor you, then stay put. The people that become top earners have several qualities in common. They include longevity with their company, the ability to commit long-term and persistence (to work through the inevitable challenges).

Some people change companies every time there’s a new company that launches, a different product hit the market, or when they hear a smooth close, etc. I call it “Chasing Shiny Objects.” Don’t chase shiny objects – that’s what elves do…you’re not an elf – LOL!

Here’s the reality, you’ll never become a top earner by changing companies every time you don’t feel like you’re having success…that’s what amateurs do. Network marketing professionals understand that in most cases when they’re not having success, it’s not the company’s fault…it’s theirs.

Also, just remember, wherever you go, there you are! If you don’t do the basic things that are required to succeed (prospect, recruit, expose and close), you won’t have success in network marketing. Period.

The other thing about changing companies often is that to others, you don’t look like you can commit to anything. Prospects will be hesitant to join your team because they don’t know if you are committed and will be there long-term.

Remember, people follow people with vision. If you are constantly changing companies, your prospects won’t think you have a true vision and therefore won’t follow you.

Don’t Try to Build Two Companies Simultaneously

I’ve seen numerous people attempt this over the years and it just doesn’t work. If you want to be successful in network marketing, don’t try this. You won’t be able to pull it off and you’ll only confuse your team members. They won’t see you as committed and some of them will attempt to do the same time as you – also without success.

If you ask any network marketing professional that is six or seven figure earner, they’ll tell you that it’s not possible to effectively build two companies simultaneously. Building a network marketing business takes laser focus…on one company.

Think of it this way, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company cannot also be the CEO of a second Fortune 500 company at the same time. Why, because it takes complete focus to be successful!

Pay Your Dues

I don’t mean literally. I mean you need to put in the time. Most people don’t understand that building a network marketing business to the levels of top earners takes time.

Three (3) Really Important Network Marketing Tips:

Incorporate both online as well as offline methods of marketing your business. Why is this important?

Well, we all know that it makes sense for us to get online and actually start talking to people to build relationships. Doing so allows us to reach a much wider audience.

But, I don’t want you to miss out on using offline strategies that can help you grow your business. You should know how to start a conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop; they might prove to be the biggest producer on your team.

Use Social Media

Here’s the next of the really important network marketing tips.  Make sure that you’re incorporating social media into your marketing plan. People underestimate the power of the various social media platforms.  I’m just going to name a couple that I believe you should be using.

The first one is going to be Facebook and the second one is going to be Instagram. You can build a very successful business by focusing on just one of these platforms. Using these platforms will help you find other individuals that you might not ordinarily reach. I also recommend that you incorporate live video on these platforms so your followers can get to know you.

Produce Valuable Content

This is one of my best network marketing tips. Teach other people information that you have learned. Make sure that the information you’re sharing is valuable to your audience. People that teach others are seen as authorities in their field.

Once you begin teaching, your audience will begin to see you as a leader.  More importantly, they’ll watch you live videos or read your blog because of the value you provide.

Incorporate the above network marketing tips into your business building strategies and you’ll build a very successful business.

The Most Important of my Network Marketing Tips

Of all the network marketing tips, this is probably the most important. Don’t quit and don’t ever give up. Network marketing is mentally tough, but the rewards make it worthwhile. You will learn a great deal about yourself and other people.

Most people quit because they realize they will be required to do things that take them outside of their comfort zone. Others quit because they have microwave mentality (expecting they’ll become successful quickly).

Success doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t easy, just possible. Remind yourself often that if others have succeeded, so can you. To become a top producer, implement these network marketing tips and you too can be successful.

I hope you enjoyed reading these network marketing tips. I look forward to providing you with additional information to help you build a successful network marketing business.

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