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Autoresponder Messages – Let’s Work Together Series

Pre-Written Autoresponder Messages

“Let’s Work Together” Series

Do you dislike writing, don’t know what to say to prospects or don’t have time to write?

If any of the above sound like you, this series of pre-written email messages explaining why your prospects should work with YOU, will solve your problem!

Autoresponder messages Let's Work Together SeriesAs your email subscribers read these messages, they will begin to see you as a leader and will want to work with you! Your subscribers will also be introduced to network marketing and will learn why it is a powerful vehicle to create additional income and time freedom.

In this autoresponder series, you will receive twelve (12) pre-written email messages that you can use “as is” or  edit and personalize to your liking.

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These messages will walk your prospects through the benefits of working with YOU in your network marketing business. Using this series of pre-written attention grabbing email messages, your prospects will learn about the benefits of working personally with you.

Imagine meeting a new prospect, having them opt-in to get your freebie and get on your email list. Then auto-magically, the autoresponder works on your behalf sending this series of messages that shows your prospects the benefits of working directly with you!

That’s like having a virtual staff working on your behalf 24/7!

This is how the network marketing professionals follow up with their prospects. They use autoresponders and a series of proven email messages that sell their prospects on working with them.

You’ve heard that “The fortune is in the follow-up” and that is absolutely true. But most network marketers have very poor follow-up skills and/or don’t use any system at all.

You need a follow-up system and that’s where an autoresponder comes in…it does the follow-up for you on auto-pilot.

Next, you need some attention grabbing follow-up email messages that not only get opened, but also sell your prospects on why they should be working with YOU. This email series does the heavy lifting for you. Don’t get left behind…Get these messages NOW!

Excerpt from the autoresponder messages*:

Subject:  My Contact Info and a Proven Action Plan

Hey {firstname},

…The decision to join a network marketing company is a great way to shortcut your way into Being Your Own Boss!!

I am truly excited to expose you to the laptop lifestyle and share with you why I chose this business model as my ‘vehicle to freedom’…

*To maintain the integrity of this content, there are no refunds.

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