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Promoting Events to Grow Your Network Marketing Team

How to promote events to build your Network Marketing business
Promoting Events Ladies, if you want to advance your network marketing or direct sales business quickly pay close attention to this training on promoting events. One of the best paid skills in network marketing is promoting events. I once had a top earner tell me that she attributed the success she had in network marketing to her ability to promote events. Now when I say she was a top earner, ...
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Master the 4 Personality Types to Help Grow Your Network Marketing Team

4 personality types featured image
The Four (4) Personality Types If you are a network marketer, one of the most important things that you can learn are the 4 personality types and how to identify and work with them. So many people begin network marketing or direct sales  businesses, but don't understand that you must learn to work with all different types of people.  People are driven by different things and what motivates yo...
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Welcome to the Network Marketing Training School!

Rhonda Jordan
Thank you for visiting the Network Marketing Training School. Ladies, I look forward to sharing information with you and providing you with lots of tips to help you build a successful network marketing or direct sales business. My name is Rhonda Jordan and I have been a network marketing professional for 20+ years. During that time, I have learned lots of things that have helped me run a succes...
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